Las Vegas Paving Corp. started asphalt paving in 1958 and has built its reputation on its quality of work done performing all types of special paving work in Nevada. One of the most aggressive and innovative asphalt paving companies in the nation.


Las Vegas Paving has produced progressively larger quantities of hot mix asphalt each year since 1992, passing the two million ton mark in 2000, and now has its sights set on three million tons a year.


Today, the company has seven strategically located asphalt plants surrounding the Las Vegas Valley, each one capable of the latest recycling technology. This investment in asphalt paving facilities has allowed Las Vegas Paving Corp. to provide the highest levels of efficiency and customer service.


Over the years, Las Vegas Paving has completed thousands of paving jobs; some of these jobs include: Interstate 15, U.S. 95, "The Las Vegas Motor Speedway", and the $300 million renovation of McCarran International Airport. 

Las Vegas Paving set a national record by producing and laying 12,340 tons of asphalt in a single

10-hour day. That's 1,122 tons per hour!


With 48 years of asphalt paving experience, which included the first recycled highway in America,

Las Vegas Paving can easily boast that it is Nevada's number one paving company.