Sunrise Landfill

The Sunrise Landfill was in operation as the City of Las Vegas’ exclusive landfill site since before 1950 and officially closed in 1994.  In 2011, Republic Services contracted with Las Vegas Paving to complete the final closure activities for the site by building drainage channels, impoundment dam, a methane collection system and additional material to cover throughout the 700 acre site.  This multi-faceted project required expertise from the Grading, Environmental, Underground, Concrete and Materials divisions to truly showcase Las Vegas Paving’s construction abilities.

In just under 14 months, Las Vegas Paving was able to build a 250,000 Cubic Yard dam, install 9,000 CY of roller-compacted concrete, quarry and crush 1.2 million tons of stone, place 810,000 CY of soil barrier cover, relocate 350,000 CY of debris, install 40,000 CY of rip-rap, build six miles of diversion berms, place 850,000 CY of erosion-resistant cover and place six miles of concrete channels.  The closure of the Sunrise Landfill is now a model project for the Environmental Protection Agency where landfills located in the southwest are susceptible to flash-flooding and cannot use vegetative erosion controls.  Las Vegas Paving was able to complete this project 100% in-house while coordinating with design teams from the Federal EPA, Clark County and the Owner’s private design firm.