Terminal 3

The McCarran Terminal 3 Roadways Project was a $126 million contract consisting of clearing and demolition of existing parking lots, roadways and structures on an 110-acre site, 420,000 CY of site excavation, construction of 22 cast-in-place bridges, construction of eight lane miles of roadway within the terminal site, installation of over 100,000 square feet of MSE walls, a Taxi Staging structure, a 1,000-foot long underground concrete utilidor, 50,000 lineal feet of new curb and gutter,  approximately 1-mile of a new jet fuel distribution system, 20,000 linear feet of new storm drain facilities, 14,000 linear feet of new sewer facilities, 9,000 linear feet of new water distribution facilities, 60,000 linear feet of electrical conduit with varying wire to accommodate electrical distribution and fiber optic facilities and landscaping of the common areas within the site.  Las Vegas Paving performed the quality control on the project as well.

Construction on the roadways project commenced on June 16, 2008.  Due to the size of the new $2.4 billion terminal improvements that were being constructed and the various contracts and contractors that would require access to the work site, Las Vegas Paving was able to successfully coordinate with eight other contracts and numerous contractors in order to facilitate the completion of multiple milestones set forth by the owner.  Access for the construction of the terminal’s new central utility plant, parking garage, terminal building, apron expansion and control tower were all facilitated through the roadways contract.  The size and complexity of the project was a demonstration of the importance of partnering with the owner and the construction manager in order to facilitate project wide success for all contracts involved.  The project contained allowances for Partnering and a Disputes Resolution Board; however, both activities were deemed unnecessary approximately one-third of the way through the project because of the excellent working relationship between Las Vegas Paving, Clark County Department of Aviation and Bechtel (Owner’s Representative).  Substantial completion of the project was granted on October 11, 2011, well within the time frame of opening the new terminal and its facilities on June 27, 2012.